Hannah & Matti - Engagement Photos - Sudbury Ontario

Hannah & Matti were High School sweethearts.  They had me meet them at Matti’s grandparents home on the lake for their engagement session. If you read my blog you know that I like to include a little story from each of my sessions.  So, during this session, I, was photographing Hanna and Matti near the lake on a dock.  I was standing on the shoreline taking a few shots of them when all of a sudden, I hear a rustling in the grass. Just as I look down to see where the sound is coming from, a million baby garter snakes come rushing out of the long grass up over my sandal clad feet.  I shrieked! (I'm sure there was profanity as well LOL) As soon as the shock wore off we all laughed hysterically.  But for the rest of their session every time I heard a noise I would jump. Matti actually got me a cinder block to stand on so I could finish the shots on the dock. LOL, I think the snakes were sent to break the ice, Look at the photos we got after all that excitement.