Lochlan - Sudbury Birth Photography

Lochlan’s birth was the very first Birth I had been invited to photograph. I was honored to be allowed to be in the room during such an intimate time in a couple’s life.  It’s such a magical moment when parents see their child for the first time the looks shared between mother and baby, the look of pride on a fathers face. The total awe in the realization that their lives have been forever altered.  There is a certain energy in those first minutes that sends tingles through your body. You have just experienced one of life’s miracles and were able to photograph it for the parents to relive over and over again when they look back at those pictures. That was THE moment that they became a family.  I love to photograph those moments for a couple because these small moments fade in our memory so quickly whether due to the amount of endorphins racing through our bodies at that moment or the sheer exhaustion of the events leading up to that moment.  I try to capture that feeling so that a couple can share those memories over and over again.

Lochlan’s mom loved the images, one of her first comments was: “Omg they're perfect!!! “    “Its "raw" footage, journaling his journey in this world.”  

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