Isla’s Birth - Sudbury Ontario Birth Photography

This is Lynzy’s second child, I photographed the birth of her first born Lochlan his was the very first birth I had the pleasure of attending and Photographing. So when Lynzy found out she was pregnant again it was a given that she would have me document little Isla’s birth as well. Its always magical and awe inspiring to be there when a new baby enters the world. All at once 9 months of waiting comes to an end, All of the pain, sweat and tears of labour come to a crescendo of euphoria as a mother sees her baby for the first time.  Birth is one of the most empowering things a woman can experience. Its a way of discovering things about your body and your mind you never thought possible.

Laila Ray's Birth - Birth Photography Sudbury Ontario

Every birth is different and magical watching a new life begin is awe inspiring !

To witness something so beautiful and to be able to share those moments with the family is an incredible honour. That’s why I was so excited when Lindsay had me photograph the birth of her first child.It was a snowy afternoon when Laila Ray decided to enter this world.Lindsay was handling labour like a champ she was so calm about the birth she even remembered to pack a beautiful blanked to use during labour and was even applying makeup and doing her hair shortly after she gave birth. Nothing slows this girl down :)

This is what Lindsay had to say about the experience

 “She’s my photographer for life. She’s been there to capture all my precious moments dear to my heart; through my engagement, to my wedding, to the birth of our Laila. On top of that, she captured them beautifully. By far my favourite were these raw images that I can look back on for years to come because after all, it was my favourite day in the world”  

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Sudbury Birth Photographer
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Birth Photographer Sudbury - 03
Birth Photographer Sudbury
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Birth Photography
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Birth Photographer Sudbury

Update! Lindsays Birth Photography was featured on Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine Blog


Baby Grahams Newborn Session - Sudbury Ontario

This is Graham, This is his Newborn Session.  His Parents purchased my Baby’s First Year Program so I will be photographing him 3 times in his first year.  I did the same for his older brother Fletcher. Nothing like capturing the entire first year and compiling a beautiful album full of memories at the end of the year.  We know how precious that first year is, A baby changes so fast and you will want to keep a record of all of those changes and that’s why I developed the Babies First Year Package.  I go to the client’s home and do all of the photography right there.  It keeps it simple for new moms because they don’t have to pack up and carry all of that new Baby gear. They are at home so they have everything they could need and it helps to keep everyone more relaxed making for a more enjoyable Photo Session.

Relaxed parents make for a relaxed Baby, Relaxed baby makes for those sweet sleepy pictures that everyone loves.

Lochlan - Sudbury Birth Photography

Lochlan’s birth was the very first Birth I had been invited to photograph. I was honored to be allowed to be in the room during such an intimate time in a couple’s life.  It’s such a magical moment when parents see their child for the first time the looks shared between mother and baby, the look of pride on a fathers face. The total awe in the realization that their lives have been forever altered.  There is a certain energy in those first minutes that sends tingles through your body. You have just experienced one of life’s miracles and were able to photograph it for the parents to relive over and over again when they look back at those pictures. That was THE moment that they became a family.  I love to photograph those moments for a couple because these small moments fade in our memory so quickly whether due to the amount of endorphins racing through our bodies at that moment or the sheer exhaustion of the events leading up to that moment.  I try to capture that feeling so that a couple can share those memories over and over again.

Lochlan’s mom loved the images, one of her first comments was: “Omg they're perfect!!! “    “Its "raw" footage, journaling his journey in this world.”  

The Lokens Lifestyle Session - Sudbury Family Photography

I have been lucky enough to have been photographing this family since the birth of their first son Fletcher.  I photographed him as a newborn, 6 month old and again when he was a year old. So he’s gotten very comfortable with me after all I’ve been visiting him and his family since he was born. This is a great position to be in a photographer.  It allows me to know his personality and he feels comfortable enough being himself in front of me that I am able to capture him being himself.  Let me tell you he is all Boy! Rough and tumble, goofy and just the right mix of naughty. I have never walked away from a session that involved him where he hasn’t made me laugh.  I’ve also gotten to know his parents very well over this time too.  They love the way I capture their family just the way it is in real life. It’s super important to them to document these memories.  So naturally I got a phone call when they had their second son Graham they wanted to document his first year the same way they did with Fletcher. Graham has a completely different personality than his brother, well from what I can see so far he is only 6 months old.  Graham is super easy going, quiet and always has a smile on his face. Just over all a happy little munchkin.

 Photographing 2 young boys is almost as hard as herding cats lol but it leads to an AMAZING lifestyle photography session. I always have so much fun photographing actual moments, the interaction between mom and baby, or toddler and Dad and especially the interactions and love between two siblings. I love the chaos that is day to day family life. I feel that when you look back on these photo journalistic style pictures of your family that it takes you right back to that feeling.  You can hear the Noise of all the toys the kids yelling and laughing, you can feel the dizzying speed at which these moments passed us by but these pictures slow things down just enough that we can hold on to them, they pause time long enough for us to be able to absorb everything that was going on in that moment. As a mother myself to me its like being able to go back in time and hold your baby again.  That is the exact reason I love this style of photography, it evokes emotion and records peoples personal histories it will give a window into our way of life for future generations.  These two brothers will surely appreciate these pictures later in their life and I know that their parents already treasure them. 

Rebecca Bose

Family Photography Session in the English Countryside, Stonham Aspal UK

Simon, Louise and their 3 lovely daughters Ellie, Abbey and Lotte live in the beautiful English Countryside. Their home is surrounded by the greenest fields and forests I have ever experienced. There are beautiful Thatched cottages up and down the lane from their home. I got to do one of my favorite kind of sessions for them. “A day in the Life Session” This is where I spend an entire day with a family and just capture them doing what they do as a family. Capturing their interactions with each other and the world around them. I started off photographing them on their farm, in a pub at lunch and then we went to the seaside and had some fun on the beach and did some exploring in the little sea side town. 

Here are some of their photographs I know they will cherish them for years to come. I hope to have the pleasure of photographing them again on my next trip to England.