Amanda & Shevons Wikwemikong Wedding - Manitoulin Island Ontario

I traveled to Manitoulin Island to Wikwemikong first Nations Reservation to photograph this Wedding. The Island is always so beautiful I feel like the light there is different from anywhere else I’ve ever been.

Amanda & Shevon’s Wedding ceremony was held in the ruins of an old school they had Native drummers as well as a steel drum player. It was a cool fusion of cultures.  My favorite part of the ceremony was that the groom didn’t hold back any of his happiness his face shows his happiness loud and clear.  

After the ceremony their reception was held at the Manitoulin Convention center. They opened the celebration with a traditional native dancer, dancing to the beat of the drums and singing.  It was truly an experience. The drums have an incredible way of touching your soul and making you feel that you are truly part of something bigger.  I am honored to experience traditions like this. 


Jess & Mike's Brick Works Engagement Photo Session - Toronto

I had a fabulous time with Jess and Mike while doing this session. Even though the weather was 5 degrees and raining we still had a ton of fun.  The Brick Works is such a cool location for photos there are so many different looks in one location.

 I love shooting in new places it always heightens my creativity.  I thought I would try something a new with this couple, so I incorporated a little Video of them and made a little fusion slideshow.  Here is the reveal of my first fusion engagement shoot.

Let me know what you think of it down in the comments section. 

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Couple Laughing

Glamourous Tim Burton Inspired Winter Wedding - Sudbury Ontario Wedding

Glamorous Tim Burton Inspired Winter Wedding – Sudbury Ontario Wedding

This was an awesome Wedding it was completely unique.  They had a Tim Burton influenced Winter Theme. They had 6 ft tall sculptures from the movie Corpse Bride and a White Rabbit showing the way to the reception.  There were gorgeous snowflakes and skulls everywhere. The Bouquets were HUGE! The overall look was as beautiful and quirky as any Tim Burton landscape.

 All of the flowers and details were the fabulous work of Apple Cart Collectables if you get a chance pop over and check out her stuff.  There were delicious gluten free vegan desserts made by Jess Nadel at OH MY and the awesome food and Venue were all the work of Respect is Burning in downtown Sudbury.  This couple were fantastic to photograph they totally incorporated their vision into their special day.  Here are a few shots from their cool Wedding

Winnie and Dan's Military Backyard Wedding - Port Rowan Ontario Canada

Winnie and Dan met On New Year’s Eve December 31 2011 at a bar in London Ontario.

Both had planned a quiet night at home, but had changed their mind last minute. 

Dan had caught Winnie’s eye several times that night. She told her friend that she thought he was hot and that friend ran across the bar and told Dan who took a chance and approached her and started a conversation.  They saw each other every day for the next 9 days when Dan asked Winnie to be his girlfriend. What he forgot to mention was that he was being deployed to Afghanistan for 8 months. But Winnie thought he was worth it and told him she would wait for him.

Dan is a captain in the infantry, Winnie and Dan were only able to talk to each other through imessage and emails but there were times when they wouldn’t talk for days because the internet was down or his base was on lock down.  They only heard each others voice 5 times during that 8 months.

It was almost a year since they had first met and Winnie found herself on a Train headed to Ottawa to be there when he returned home from Afghanistan.  Winnie says “I remember it was so exciting but a bit awkward to begin with. We had been dating for 11 months and he had be gone for 8 of them. We had mainly gotten to know each other through messages. But after his first day back it felt like he had never left.”  A year after his return he proposed to Winnie

they were married August   23rd   On Winnie's Parents farm in Port Rowan Ontario.   Winnie and Dan were married in the same gazebo as her previous 4 siblings which had been built by her father.  Her oldest brother preformed the ceremony and all of her nieces and nephews were part of the Wedding party.

Her dress is Mori Lee 

Her cake was by Hey cupcake in London Ontario

Wedding Photographer Rebecca Bose

Lagoon City Engagement Photography Session

I was given the opportunity to travel for this Engagement Photography Session. Sarah is a Nurse and Graham is a contractor and they share a love of Boating.  They keep their Boat, a Trojan as I am told by Graham in a lovely spot called Lagoon City just outside of Orilla.  We spent the day traveling around the area stopping to photograph in several different locations.  We even had lunch on the boat out by a small island in Lake Simcoe.  I had so much fun spending the day with these two. 

Do you and your fiancé have a shared interest? Or just want to have something different from all of your friends Engagement Photos consider traveling to a cool location like the streets of downtown Toronto if you are from Sudbury or a hike or boat ride in the Muskoka’s if you’re from Toronto.  It can be like a date day for you and your partner and what a way to capture the experience! Have your photographer capture the day for you. It will make for great moments to be treasured for years to come.



Stéphanie and Jack: Brystons on the Park Wedding, Copper Cliff

Stephanie and Jack where great to work with from start to finish, designing her invitations and taking their WeddingPhotographs. They has a small intimate Friday evening Wedding. I love Friday Weddings! Everyone seems so relaxed.  The lighting and that time of day is my favorite! I love being able to use that early evening light to make Romantic images. The location in Copper Cliff is so versitle as well, it always looks beautiful.

Stéphanie was a beautiful smily bride, Jack was kind of silly and funny and their bridal party was up for anything! You tell that from the photographs I captured that day. Stéphanie wanted something a little different as well she had asked me for an outdoor night shot.  These are some of my favorite images from her Wedding. They are also some of my favorite to shoot. I get to be completely creative in my lighting and using it to create a mood for the images. 

Enough talk. Here are the images.


Doris and Rudy: The First Sudbury Wedding of the Season.

This couple was a dream to work with!  Their friends and family where Amazing. They where dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate.   Doris was so easy going, Whenever something didnt go exactly to plan she would just say “ Well, thats interesting” and she would go on about what ever she was doing.

She knew that the day would go on just fine if everything didnt go just right to plan or schedule.

Rudy was equally as easy going his groomsman where all about goofing off and making everyone laugh. You could tell what a tight knit group of  Friends they where.  You could tell by the way Rudy and Doris looked at each other that they where totally in the moment and loving every minute of it.

Here are some of the Photographs taken at Bell Park and the United Steel Workers Hall in Sudbury.

I love being a Photographer in Sudbury, mainly because of couples like this.


Sudbury Wedding Photography

This Wedding was a great one. Despite all of the rough luck this couple endured to make it to the alter, their Wedding was a beautiful and fun place to be. From lost deposits to MIA vendors this couple had it all during the planning process. Everytime they saw me it was a roller coaster of emotion. Man this bride was a trooper she hung in their and stood her ground. She told me once when she was picking up some of her photos "you know what? Im always happy to come see you because this is the once place I know is going to get it right." I took that as a huge compliment and assured her that everything would be fine for her Wedding. We shot their Photos between the hotel and the Grotto. Some of my favorite shots from this Wedding where the getting ready shots. I'll post one of them and then you can see how their Wedding woes didnt end at the alter. They where great sports for that final shot. As soon as I showed Tara the photo on the back of the camera she burst out laughing. I believe her first comment was "That's F#*cking Awesome!" I love it when a bride can let go of the stress and just enjoy her day no matter what gets thrown at her. Tara is my superstar from last year!


Celena and Larry's Sudbury Wedding

So once again I have been slacking on my blog posts.  So Im revisiting all of my Weddings from last season and presenting a few images from each to keep you all updated.  

When Spring comes we all start thinking about the outdoors and fun party's  So in most cases Weddings fall into this season as well.  

These Photographs are from Celena and Larry's Wedding.

 They Where Married in Lively ON and their reception was at the Italian club in Copper Cliff.  Let me tell you,  The food there is always incredible!  This couples First dance was Beautiful, it was choreographed and practiced to perfection.   

The first shot is my favorite Dance shot from their Wedding.


Sudbury Living Bridal Show

WOW! That was a Very Busy day.  I met soo many excited brides on Saturday at the Unitied Steel Workers Hall It reinvigorates me for the next season.  I cant wait to get started on all of the Boudoir Sessions I booked from my show special. There are going to be a lot of lucky guys out there in the near future lol.  So I just thought I would post a picture of my booth from the show.  Happy Planning!  Remember Im willing to travel outside of Sudbury and all of my packages include a Hard Covered Art Style Album!  I look forward to meetings over the next few days.