The making of a Commercial – Northern Ontario Film Studio, Sudbury Ontario

I was contacted by a friend of mine Beth Mairs of Bam North Productions, to provide Make-up services for a Public Service Announcement she was filming.  While Make-up services aren’t something that I usually offer outside of my own photography services I thought this would be a great experience. So I said sure, why not!  Luckily she also told me to bring my camera! I love getting opportunities to photograph new things. The closest I had come to photographing something like this was shooting Theatre in Hamilton years ago.  It was really cool to see how everyone on set works together to come to the same visual conclusion. I loved watching them set up their lighting and watching the collaboration between Mathieu Seguin and Beth Mairs.  I had a lot of fun learning how one of these projects comes together.  I cant wait for the opportunity to do it again.  Thanks Beth!   Oh and seriously go check out the work these guys are producing its amazing!  We have some serious talent up here.

Check Beth’s work out here

Check out Mathieu’s work here 

You can watch the final product at the bottom of the page.