Glamorous Pregnancy Portraits

I Love photographing Maternity Sessions! Women are so exceptionally beautiful during this time. Women deserve to capture that beauty.  That’s why I LOVE to do Glamorous Studio Portraits like something you would see in a Magazine.

I photographed Lindsay and Nicks Wedding a couple of years ago and we hit it off right away. So I was very excited to hear that they were expecting their first child.  Lindsay couldn’t wait to start planning her Maternity Photos.  It’s always great when you get a call from a former bride and they want to share their next life event with you.  Forming these friendships are super important to me. Getting to know someone makes it easier to get really great images for them because they feel comfortable around you.

Most of us are self-conscious in front of a camera and I hope that by making these connections with my clients that I can capture exactly who they are in each photograph.   Here are a few photos from Lindsay and Nicks Maternity Photography Session.