Winnie and Dan's Military Backyard Wedding - Port Rowan Ontario Canada

Winnie and Dan met On New Year’s Eve December 31 2011 at a bar in London Ontario.

Both had planned a quiet night at home, but had changed their mind last minute. 

Dan had caught Winnie’s eye several times that night. She told her friend that she thought he was hot and that friend ran across the bar and told Dan who took a chance and approached her and started a conversation.  They saw each other every day for the next 9 days when Dan asked Winnie to be his girlfriend. What he forgot to mention was that he was being deployed to Afghanistan for 8 months. But Winnie thought he was worth it and told him she would wait for him.

Dan is a captain in the infantry, Winnie and Dan were only able to talk to each other through imessage and emails but there were times when they wouldn’t talk for days because the internet was down or his base was on lock down.  They only heard each others voice 5 times during that 8 months.

It was almost a year since they had first met and Winnie found herself on a Train headed to Ottawa to be there when he returned home from Afghanistan.  Winnie says “I remember it was so exciting but a bit awkward to begin with. We had been dating for 11 months and he had be gone for 8 of them. We had mainly gotten to know each other through messages. But after his first day back it felt like he had never left.”  A year after his return he proposed to Winnie

they were married August   23rd   On Winnie's Parents farm in Port Rowan Ontario.   Winnie and Dan were married in the same gazebo as her previous 4 siblings which had been built by her father.  Her oldest brother preformed the ceremony and all of her nieces and nephews were part of the Wedding party.

Her dress is Mori Lee 

Her cake was by Hey cupcake in London Ontario

Wedding Photographer Rebecca Bose

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